kayak seat for bic bilboa

I’m looking for a comfortable seat to put in my bic - does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks!

Elite and Surf to Summit are good

– Last Updated: Feb-20-08 3:28 PM EST –

My S to S has a 2 inch thick bottom and althogh it gives a higher center of gravity on my Bic Sport Yakka, it's such a wide and stable boat, like your Bilboa, that it does not matter. And it keeps butt drier. Elite nice also, and they both clip on your grommets aleardy on the Bic. See eBay for more options.

You cna always add a pad under the seat if not comfy, and some people simply glue a minicell or other pad, like the one below, to the kayak as the pad really never needs to come off (glue with Dap weldwood).

Sinply eBay search "kayak seat".

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