Kayak seat for my canoe?

I was thinking about using screws (used for deck rigging) and maybe a yakpads kayak seat to mount on my canoe. Its not going be used too much when i am paddling just to be there to lean back when i take a breather or do a little fishing. i do not have the canoe (mad river freedom solo) set up as whitewater boat, its just a simple cane seat used for river tripping and camping. Just wondering how many folks have tried this and what do they think of the results? Thanks Rick

seat back
Rick, another option is the cane seat back that mounts dirctly on your seat and is easily remopvable. I think this would look better, have less chance of splitting your seat rails and be just as effective. All the big canoe stores and on-line stores have them.

Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories
Check these out: http://www.gear4portaging.com/seatingandyokes.html Scroll down to Adjustable-height Backband

The sitbacker and such
With some of these seats like the crazy creek and sitbacker did you all add spacers or longer bolts to lower your bench seat to make up for the seat being an inch or two higher.