kayak seat installation

One of my boats is a rec kayak & the seat is missing 2 of the screws that hold it on. They are a 2 piece fastening system. One female insert into the seat support (plastic), then a plastic head male screw from the seat itself into the insert. Anyone have a better system for fastening a seat to the seat support ?? The system I have comes loose, or the screws break from movement. Getting tired of flopping around in my seat when I paddle.

Is there enough room on both sides of
the location to be joined to just switch to stainless hardware?

Is the female fitting nested into a hole that keeps it from rotating while you tighten the male end, or is there room for a multi-tooth lockwasher over a flat washer?

Just curious, are the plastic portions of the fasteners made of nylon, or of something else? I think nylon is the most breakage resistant plastic used for screws and nuts, but while it can be impressive, it isn’t as strong as stainless.

When I’m up against something like this, I take the parts to a good hardware store and scrounge in their screw drawers for a possible solution. I may have to send the sales personnel away because they imagine they understand things that they don’t.

Can you just replace the plastic stuff
With I/4" stainless steel screw head bolts, nuts and washers. even if you have to drill new holes here and there.

I keep a box of various size ones in my kayak tool box just for fixes like that.

Jack L

for the info. Was hoping there was some sort of “trick” to fix this. I’ll just get some stainless hardware & fish around the hardware store for possible solution for the female part.