kayak seat pad

Help! Looking for a affordable seat pad for my old town voyager yak. Saw some from nrs that run about 25 bucks, was wondering if anyone knows if these will fit my seat well and if it really matters which of three pads I choose? Any other ideas would be appreciated, I currently use a closed cell pad that was meant for hunting, but keeps moving around on the slick plastic kayak seat. thanks, Sean

Soft better than firm for me
Be aware that there is a slight change in the center of gravity. Depending on your kayak, that may or may not make any difference to you.

The good news is that they’re cheap and pretty easily removable. Just do it and see if you like it. If you don’t, just take it off and chalk it down as something you’ve learned.

Nothing sticks forever, so be prepared for whatever sticky thing you get to start to come loose over time. That may be a long time, or it may be a short time, depending on a lot of different variables. The best thing is to clean the plastic seat with denatured alcohol and let it dry thoroughly before adhering your sticky seat to it.

Good luck. Have fun. Stay safe.

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