Kayak Seat Pads

Sometimes I wish I had some more cush on my bottom. Can anyone recommend a good kayak seat pad?

I bought a Skwoosh…
years ago. It’s holding up very well. It’s pretty thin, but dense. It also keeps the Florida sun off my black seat when I’m out of the boat, thus avoiding ‘rump roast’ Hah!



Thermarest seat pad
I’ve used a Thermarest inflatable seat pad – thin enough to provide some cushioning without raising your center of gravity substantially. Also, used about half inflated, it flexes with your movement, offering a sort of dynamic cushioning that seems to help with circulation.

Camping pad
I removed the lousy seat pad in my QCC and spray-glued a piece of that green/gray waffle-style camping pad directly to the seat pan. It works pretty well, I left some to drape over the front of the pan to cushion the

edge. I tried a squishy type pad, but didn’t like its give, plus it was kind of noisy.

Forgot to mention, in my skin on frame kayak (which has no seat) I just fold a half inch thick ensolite sleeping pad in half with one edge rolled a couple of times for thigh support. Ensolite makes a good pad for just about anything and being closed-cell foam it doesn’t absorb water.

Right State
My wife found a brand new Yakpad at a garage sale and I’ve never used it. If you were a hundred miles closer and if it fit your seat, you could have it.

Canoe seat

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Don't know anything about kayak seats, but for very long marathon canoe races in the Yukon, where we paddle without stopping for as much as 22 hours at a time, we have found nothing better than dense 3/4 inch thick silicone pads. After trials with many promising products producing only sore or numb butts, these cushions are number one in comfort. But they are rather heavy and they will sink. One of my crew works at a nursing home, and was able to get these cut to size for the each in the entire voyageur crew. Unfortunately these don't seem to be readily available at a reasonable price and size for the average public.

However, I have found Wondergel waffle cushions, almost as good and a lot lighter weight. I use one of these when I don't want the extra weight of the medical grade cushion. I made my own cover and seat straps for it.


I also have a Skwoosh. It was ok when it was new, and is still fine for shorter seat times, but is nothing like the thicker silicone cushions.