Kayak seat pans

I paddle (and love!) a CD Sirocco and have recently enjoyed stressing the seat pan with some bracing and rolling.

The foam support underneath the front of the seat pan became detached from the seat. I was able to reseal it with Lexell caulk. At that time, I noticed that the side rear seat supports, which seem appear to be clear plastic, were no longer attached to the seat pan itself. They remain fixed to the hull. The only way I can see to recaulk them to the seat is to drill holes in the pan. Should I try this or just not worry about it?

Also, has anyone drilled holes in a plastic seat pan to encourage water drainage? Should I just spend less time upside down?

what year sirocco do you own?
mine is an 05’ and the seat pan structure as molded is coming off the combing on the sides which forms the seat. not sure I understand how the pan (where your butt rests) can detach.

As far as the foam pad underneath seat; I also see deformation, they could have put a larger pc of foam under there. (my pad hasnt come loose yet).

Dont see any reason you couldnt drill a couple drain holes in the seat, but I wouldnt go much larger that about 1/8" or you may cause additonal stresses.

Mine is an 04, but . . .
. . . I suspect it has a similar design to yours. The gray foam pad is underneath the center of the front of the seat tray which is suspended from the coaming. In the back, two plastic pedestals extend from the hull to the bottom of the seat and provide secondary support to the seat.

Both pedestals are in place, but are no longer directly attached to the seat.

Sorry to take so long to reply!

this is undoubtedly a design flaw
as an owner of a newish Sirocco myself and with all the Siroccos in fleets around here, i’ve seen this time and time again. i may be overstating it; it may not be a design flaw, but it is a design weakness, not addressed by CD. it’s a great comfortable seat, and it can’t break as it’s molded in with the boat, however, it is terribly undersupported for lateral movement, which many people who buy these do. the boats are great skill developers because of the way they handle on edge, yet CD hasn’t done anything about the seat. kinda stoopid if you ask me. before mine breaks loose, i’ll be putting in minicell foam blocks on either side of the seat to minimize movement. i figure i’ll just pressue fit them in as i don’t know anyother way of afixing them with sealant. if you have a better idea, let me know.


hmmm…my 05’ doesnt have any
support coming off the back side (from the coaming). It only has side supports coming off the coaming. Which would make me think you may not have an issue if your back supports are broken. However, James does have a good point about lateral movement. If you dont have a bond between seat/foam block/bottom of hull then you definately will have lateral movement. I dont feel it in mine so i would assume I have bond between those 3 surfaces. I think James idea of force fitting some foam between the side supports and outter hull is a good one. I may try myself, & I cant think of a better way to handle it.

good luck,