kayak seat recommends

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Hi folks:

Thinking of getting a new seatback for my nice VCP Argonaut, something a bit more comfortable for my sometimes-aching back. Any recommendations?



What year Argonaut?
The Valley back ban sucked until last year. The backband they started putting their boats in 2004 is very good. So, if you have an earlier Argonaut you might consider a new Valley backband.

IR (Immersion Research) make good backbands.

Second IR (nm)

2003 model…
It’s a 2003 model. I’ll check into both recommends! Any others out there??

Bomber Gear and Immersion Research…
are probably the best out there. DO NOT be tempted to put a taller backrest in your boat, as it will cause worse problems. Stick with one of the smaller whitewater style backbands, cush as the IR Reggie. BTW, you can special order them directly from IR without the heavy, unnecessary ratchets. You don’t need them in a sea kayak.