kayak seat upgrade

just bought a new 165 Tsunami and have the basic seat system. I am 6ft 225 and really need a seat with a much better seat back for support, any suggestions,…

New Wilderness Systems boats
The Wilderness Systems outfitting is as good as I’ve seen. I think the boat likely has a system 3 seat which is known for being very comfortable.

If the seat does not have enough back support I’d just ad a lumber support in the form of a pool noodle behind your back.

Kayak seats aren’t supposed to…
…support your back, they’re designed to support your pelvis. A high seat back will restrict torso rotation and chafe. If you’re having back pain, it’s probably that you’re either not used to the position in the boat (it can take some time for that) and/or you’re not sitting properly (slouching).

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I recommend a lot of hamstring stretch
exercises until you can sit upright comfortably. If the existing support isn’t right, you can substitute a better one, but it shouldn’t be higher. It should support you across the back of your pelvis, leaving the small of your back free to turn.

I could be wrong, but I suspect they are a novice kayaker. The tsunami line already has one of the most comfortable and adjustable seats, but one big reason why they are popular is that they are super stable and easy to use boats - perfect for beginners and rental fleets. That said, beginners don’t usually realize that torso rotation is key for proper paddling, or that a high back rest will seriously interfere with rescues, and that while leaning back might feel more comfortable and slightly lowers your CG, it greatly compromises your ability to balance.

When I was a novice and had a rec/cross over boat my lower back would get so tired and sore. I actually used a folding stadium seat because of it’s high back rest. http://www.wellpromo.com/upload/upimg63/Folding-Stadium-Seat-79463.jpg As I upgraded to touring boats and learned more about proper techniques, I improved my posture and can now paddle comfortably for hours without the “recliner”.

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