Kayak seat

Have an uncomfortable kayak seat. Any suggestions on a seat that is relatively comfortable with a little lumbar support?

What boat are you paddling? Is the seat moulded in, or separate? Poly or fiberglass?

Fixes I have found to work: Add a pad under your thighs immediately in front of the seat pan. Sealine makes an inflatable pad, or you can improvise with pool noodles, minicell foam, or partially inflated dry bags.

Add a new back band. i am using a NSI touring band, and find it to be very comfy.

hope this helps.


Kayak seat
seal line has seat and back cusions thart are self inflating i use them in my kayak which has molded plastic seats the cusions attach with velcro

You need to be more specific
What kind of boat are you in and what type of discomfort are you experiencing?

As for lumbar support, that’s not what you need in a kayak. The back band should support your hips, not your back. If you add support higher up, it will chafe as you rotate your torso while paddling.

SOT or SINK? If you are in a SINK-
buy or make yourself a foam seat. Redfish Kayaks sells a fine, comfortable cellfoam seat. Call Joe Greenley and talk to him or e-mail. Big improvement!

Self-inflating seat pad…
…on the seat bottom made a HUGE difference for me. I got one with some straps to anchor it down so I can leave it in the kayak while transporting.