Kayak seating options??

Hey group, my brother is building a cedar strip kayak and wants to put in a functional seat, like one from WIlderness Systems, but their web site is " under construction" and the link to their parts and pieces page is defunct. Got any suggestions?

look for used
I may have (haven’t really decided yet) a couple phase 3 seats takens from a WS Pamlico 145. They are a year old and not used a lot.

The front seat is sliding but I’m sure can be modified to attach to something else. The back seat attaches right by the cockpit coaming.

Use the email link if interested, or anyone else for that matter.


Contour seats

Have to scroll down a bit…

Custom seats
I’ve got some instructions in my Webshots albums at:


put them in the classifieds
I just put my 2 seats in the classifieds section of this site if any of your are interested.

Rumour Thigh Braces
I’ve been wanting to ask you about those Rumour Thigh Braces. How did those work out? It looks like they are comprised of foam only. No fiberglass inside them? Did they hold up? Did they flex much?

They’re working fine…
…according to my girlfriend. I can’t even fit in the boat comfortably, so I can’t comment directly.

Since those photos were shot, we’ve made the braces larger and added a third layer of 1" foam on the underside, which is scuplted to fit her thighs. They have proven to be adequately stiff, but keep in mind that the cockpit is small to begin with (~15"x25") and the paddler is small, too (~115#). If you were going to do something similarly substantial in a larger cockpit for a larger paddler, it would probably be a good idea to add a stiffener between the foam layers. Fiberglass sheet, thin plywood or something similar should do the job.