Kayak Seats

Ok; I know this issue has been bantered about before but I’m trying to get a bit more specific info and so…I’m bringing it up again.

I want to get something that’ll be comfortable for the long haul in my Pygmy S&G. I’ve read a ton about folks getting leg cramps and the disadvantages of seats being too high, back problems from non supportive backbands and ‘too basic’ seats. On the plastic perception america the seating issue (despite 3 discs gone in the back and a slight scoliosis and a pin in the left hip)never seemed to be a problem. (The america had a molded plastic tractor type seat with adjustable plastic backband)Of course, the americas cockpit allowed me to bend my knees almost above the cockpit if I needed to. Being a larger guy (6’230# )I don’t want so snug a fit that entry and exit become a problem.

I know Redfish designs has a custom designed seat I just don’t know anyone who’s owned one/used one for a long duration especially in a kit boat.

Figured NOW was a really good time to get insights and info on what others thought and what products reccomended.

Seat options…
I know of a kayak builder (about 14 s&g and strip boats) who raves about Joe Greenley’s (Redfish)custom seats. You might write to Joe to ask for some customer references.

Have you considered using the seat from your Perception America…or…using it for a fiberglass mold and replicating it for your boat?

If you post this question on www.kayakforum.com you will likely get a bunch of suggestions if you are interested in the replication approach.



Redfish seats
Hey Bob;…I already fired off an e-mail enquiry to Joe about his seats over the weekend. This is one area where money isn’t the issue…comfort -over a long paddle-is.

I simply wanted to get a crosssection of input from other P.Netters.

I realize KayakForum is a great site but sometimes the responders give blanket endorsements (sort of like ‘another site’ on QCC kayaks?).

Oddly enough, seating is one of the foremost areas of concern for anyone paddling for over an hour or so at a stretch and yet there’s very little comparrison info on aftermarket seats(a moot point if you bought a mnfg. boat as I’m presuming one of the areas you checked out in the reviews was…comfort)


Do kayak manufacturers sell their seats seperatly?

You Would Probably Do Better
making a mold of your current seat and then carving into a slap of minicell. Folks at the kayakforum can probably give you suggestions how.

I suspect kiester comfort is as individual as anything else to do with kayak outfitting.


Just started offering our seats…

– Last Updated: Dec-20-04 4:49 PM EST –

For kitbuilders and folks looking to retrofit other boats. Have lots of happy butted customers paddling all day with these.
Easy to drop right in. Several construction and mounting options. Tons of time went into getting these right for all day comfort.


Have to scroll down a bit

Very Nice…
never visited that part of your site… :slight_smile:

So what’s the deal with the Mermaid… specs, pics/drawings? You know I am always interested in boats for smaller paddlers. :slight_smile:


Working hard on it the next few days.
Will get some new stuff up asap.

Nice looking seats…
I bookmarked your site and will definitely touch base with you after the hollidays.


The thermarest
seat I got with my boats is still in service. It is actually the most comfortable one I have. The only addition I made was a thigh pad about 3 1/2" high. I just leave it loose to transfer between boats. I did 80+ miles on Kab and Rainey lakes in Sept over 6 days and was very comfortable. I did make a foam seat for my castine using the information at kayakfit.com and it does work ok. I just made it longer and higher because of my height. I don’t need the thigh pad in that boat. I hve seen Joe Greenleys seats and they are a work of art. My brother has one in his Redfish and likes it.

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