I have just purchased a new ROMANY 16’ sea kayak. I would like to add a comfortable seat. Anyone have any ideas?

buy a…

I couldn’t resist.


actually there are a bunch of ‘foam seat’ ptions. even thru NDK.



Check this out

As they say, “there’s a seat for every chair”

Since I build boats, I see and hear of people using everything from Wallmart plastic chairs to hand made foam ones etc.

Fastening it to the boat is another whole chore in itself and if you’re not handy, your choices are very limited.

We make some nice ones …
… that will drop right in.


Hafta scroll down a bit.

the lines on that Mermaid… Nicely done.

U could also buy a foam block and
make your own. I did it for one of my wifes boats (she had issues w/legs going numb…not anymore). Heres a link to some instructions. http://kayakfit.tripod.com/instructions.htm

make or buy a foam seat
you will be glad. check out kayakfit.com for info on doing it yourself. it isn’t super easy, and takes a long time, but i did it and it has enhanced my paddling significantly. also redfish kayaks in WA makes custom seats and i guarantee already have a form for the Romany as it is a common job for him. spendy but awesome stuff.

kayak seat
go to redfishkayak.com in PT.