Kayak seats

I have just bought a old town otter xl, love it but the seat is horrible. after 6 hours my butt hurts! Even stopping and getting out, stretching does not make it any better. Is there something I can purchase to make this better. In Our other kayak I do not have this problem. The seat is attached in this one. What can I do or buy?

In hindsight… :>)
Yer might git yerself a gel pad or somethin’…


web site…


Hot Seat
topkayaker.com or do a search.

3 sizes:

Blue is average butt size - softer for touring

Grande is big butt size - same material for touring

It’s gray.

Black is a little stiffer - intended for WW but some

like it also for touring. Average size

They are about 2/3" thick at the thickest part, and

scooped for the classic buttock shape.

Easy to install, peel and stick

Jackson Kayaks
These folks sell a bead filled seat called “Sweetcheeks”. I have a wooden kayak and this is the only thing under my butt. Spent 6 hrs. straight in the boat yesterday with no discomfort. I went through several other uncomfortable set-ups before I found this one.

Thanks for the info, sounds like something I want to get.