Kayak Seats

Hey Gang,

  1. I am a beginner kayaker.
  2. I apologize now for idiot questions.

    I have a Perception Conduit 13’. This kayak comes with a standard Zone seat. My brother has a Perception Carolina 14’. His kayak came with a Zone DLX seat.

    I prefer his seat and would like to switch out my standard Zone seat for a Zone DLX seat. I cannot find any place to buy the entire seat though. Can anyone offer some guidance on where I could find a Zone DLX seat? Perhaps someone could recommend a different seat that I might investigate.

    Thanks in advance!

No question is idiotic.
The seat you want is listed in the Perception 2016 Product Catalog:


Call Perception to find out if the seat you want can be installed in your kayak and if so, where it can be purchased.


Kayak Seat
Thanks for the information. I simply did not scroll down far enough in their product catalogue. I will call them right now.

I hope the seat works out for you. Being comfortable in your boat is important.

A good Perception dealer should also be able to help.