kayak/self rescue courses in New England (NH area)?

Looking to get into sea kayaking. I am experienced with flat water kayaking so, consider myself intermediate skill level.
Any good recommendations?


NH is a pretty hard small state to get around so being more specific might help… IF you are in driving distance to Portland ME the Southern Maine Sea Kayak group has a rescue clinic tomorrow

Don’t know any of these folks personally, but knock around here.

Bob Burnett of Rogue Wave Adventures (https://kayakthesea.com/) is now based in NH. He used to be full time instructor when he was based in Seattle area, but now does the teaching part time in NH. His past focus was to take intermediate paddlers and make them advanced, so not sure if he does intro classes (which if you haven’t taken before, may actually be the appropriate place to start).

New Hampshire sea coast is 15 miles long. Lake Winnipesaukee is 19 miles long. It is sea kayaking either way.