Kayak shelf

I got a Pungo 120 finally and though I like the boat, I’m already questioning the wisdom of such a huge cockpit. I need a shelf of sorts to have my drybag a little closer to me. I don’t want to cover the whole cockpit, just build a shelf. Any ideas?

Spray Deck
I have a Perception Swifty rec boat with a large cockpit. I bought a half deck or spray deck or whatever they called it. It attaches around the coaming as a spray skirt would and has a grap loop for a quick release as needed. But the nylon part only covers the front half of the cockpit. Mine has a small mesh pocket with elastic on the top and a larger one underneath. Very handy. Provides some “shade” for my legs on sunny days but doesn’t make things too hot and the opening is big enough to life your knees up if you want a break. I can’t remember the manufacturer’s name, but I’ll check next time I’m in my gear box. Also relieves some worries about leapin fish trying to hitch a ride aboard my kayak.

I have the half skirts. I’m looking for more a ‘‘shelf’’ type thing. I have a Swifty too. Great boats, aren’t they?

My first yak (earlier this spring) …
had a HUGE cockpit (an Old town Dirigo 140) that I thought I’d like but regretted it after the first ride. Returned it, got an Eddyline Skylark with a slightly smaller cockpit that I still have but don’t use that much. Now I have a [used] WS Tempest 165 that I love. Small cockpit, but great response.

If I could do it all over again, the first question I’d ask myself is “What kind of yaking will I be doing a year from now?” and get a boat for that. Forget the shelves if your plan is to advance in your skills.

Try This

I’m not sure if this will fit in a Pungo, as it is designed and made for the smaller cockpit in a sea kayak, but I think this is the kind of thing you are looking for.

New Pungos
I was under the impression that WS makes some kind of deck for the “fishing” version of the Pungo this year. (I could be wrong on this though…thought I had heard that here). If so, wonder if you could track one down?

Fishing Deck
Old Town makes the “fishing deck” for their Loons…maybe you could check and see if they would fit on your Pungo.

Pungo Half Skirt

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WS Makes a half-skirt specifically for the Pungos. I think I remember seeing one at the Kenco site (www.atkenco.com).


Here's some that might do the trick for you:


Hi Mindy, glad to see your new boat
came in. I’m enjoying the Perception America and have really been doing some great stuff with it. Have not been able to re-enter as of yet.

River levels are really low here on the Delaware so it’s hard to do trips but lots of practice, practice, practice on basic boat control and rescue.

Thanks again for selling me a great boat.

Harmony sells a plastic deck for the
cockpit that fits rounded cockpits. Its for fishing, but my provide what you want. Its a partial deck.

Or shape a 3/4 or 1/2" piece of plywood.
I did this and shaped it to fit inside the combing. On mine, it 3/4 fit very tightly. If fact, I use it with a Scotty rod holder mounted on it when I fish. It pops in and out with a little tap, stays put very well, and required no holes or other damage to my yak.

BTW, I have a Perception America 11 with a ginormous cockpit opening.