kayak shipping

I’m getting a Kaskazi yak and it’s being shipped to Fla. however I need to get the yak to Ma.

Any suggestions as who to use to ship a yak from Fla to Ma.? FishHawk

As with any common carrier shipping, wrap and pad it excedingly well, label it Top Load Only, No Forks, Fragile and insure it.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Take Pictures
Take plenty of pictures of it prior to packing and after packing. Just because you write No Forklift doesn’t mean they will follow the instructions. Get insurance on it as well.

My first kayak came by Forward Freight and was damaged. It was clear the used a fork lift to move it and the front tip was damaged so I refused it. The company used a different shipper the second time.

Make sure you unpack it at the shipping company before you accept it.

Again, take pics. That helped me get my second kayak delivered to me at no charge.

Uship.com Got my skin boat in 48 hours
from Nashua to Detroit for $225. My boat was the only thing in an empty semi trailer. The drivers use this site to help with costs and dead head trips.

As indicated by a few thread here in the past, any shipper/insurance company’s first response to a claim is to attempt to deny the claim based on some technicality or obscure clause of the insurance statement.

So, when arranging for shipping find the highest ranking person you can. Ask them “If I need to file a claim, what exactly do I need to do?” Go through the insurance statement line-by-freaking line with them.

NOT Forward Air
"My first kayak came by Forward Freight and was damaged."

Forward Air doubled their initial “estimate” (but we were committed at that point), then banged up my wife’s brand new kayak, and then refused to pay on it, even though we had insurance. They’ll never get another penny’s worth of business from me.

Both Yellow and Roadway totally
destroyed my skin boat kits. The first kit was crushed by a high-lo by Yellow and the second kit was snapped in half by Roadway. In their defense it was a 19 foot long bundle of wood, however, if you can’t transport it safely, don’t accept the order!!!

Which kayak did you order
If it’s a Skua, I’ll bring it to ya after a little test paddling (maybe a year?).


Had a similiar issue
New kayak shipped from Norcal via FA. Arrived slightly damaged. I let the store where I purchased the kayak do the legwork but I provided plenty of pictures that were taken as I unwrapped the kayak outside of FA. This store, which ships kayaks regularly, has more leverage than I have.

The store had pictures taken before they shipped it. Clearly shown were the “Top Load” and “High Value” labels which were of the 8" x 11" size.

FA paid the claim with only a few delays.

I got the Marlin.,
Went with the new Marlin. FishHawk

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