Kayak shipping

Does anybody have any suggestions for the least expensive way to ship a kayak?

I need one transported across the state of PA.

If anybody will be traveling from the Philly area to anywhere between Pgh and Erie any time soon (maybe Thanksgiving with family?), and would like their trip subsidized with some extra cash, let me know as well.

Thanks for any info!

Only because there’s no other replys - discovered this web site, transporters bid on your posted shipment - kayak specific.
Kayak Shipping at uship.com

Good luck!

Best ways to transport -

Ask a friend
Ask the Forums
Drive yourself
Take chance with kayak shipper.

I asked for a quote from one of the boat shippers and never heard back. Some do have decent reviews though. If you can find a friend or forum member to transport, that’s my personal recommendation.

Or go for a drive. The shortest round trip drive I have taken for a boat was 2 hours and the longest was 12.

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Hope you have this resolved now…if not, very important that person carrying boat for you knows how to tie them on securely - perhaps best to tie it on yourself. If you use a commercial shipper be sure to pad/protect the bow and stern and wrap the rudder. A full hulled wrap in plastic, especially if by commercial shipper is highly advised.

Consider posting on the classifieds asking someone to transport it for you and offering payment. Also strongly consider calling a local paddle shop and asking them to do it. Thsi time of year business is slowing down. They have trailers and vehicles that are definitely under-utilized this time of year, have plenty of time and may offer reasonable prices or an hourly rate.

If the money is really expensive and your kayak really cheap or you bought it for not a lot of money consider selling it on consignment then bugging out using the money you save to buy another at your new location. My neighbor sold his Wilderness Northstar to me for $200 for this reason: shipping it to South Carolina 1,000 miles away was more expensive than simply buying another. But he bought it at a yard sale not expensively. It would be different if you owned a high end, expensive boat.

Thanks to all that have replied.

Unfortunately, the deal fell through while I tried to arrange transport.

Everybody who replied through the U-Ship website was high, some higher than the cost of the kayak!

I appreciate the help, but I guess I saved some money in the end by not getting that kayak.

K & S kayak transport out on New York State.

My tongue in cheek solution is to simply advertise the boat on Craig’s List. Invariably you will get an offer for the purchaser’s shipper to get the boat after their larger than asking price check clears.

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