kayak shoes

I prefer to always paddle with something on my feet. I am looking for first hand recommendations for a model that drains well, has some/modest support and protection for land use, has heel cup (no sandals) and comes in size 13. I am aware of some like Teva Neutrons via internet but no local shops have any to see and try on.

if you paddle a brit boat
Then these are most apropos.


Water Tennies, sH20es…

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...but you'll never find your size. I don't think they make them any more. Try this: http://www.sierraoutdoorcenter.com/Bootie.html

I have a pair and they are GREAT! Only water shoe i've found that has a good hard sole, they fit like a trail runner, and they have drains so you can just hang your feet out of the boat for a couple seconds so you don't fill your boat with water. They work just great for canoe races with long portages/running involved. I love mine, and i don't know what i'll do when they wear out.

I have a buddy who owns a shoe shop. He ordered mine for me. I'll ask him if he knows of anything new. Everything i've seen posted here has the soft sole, other than the crocs.

Rodeo Socks

Teva Gamma

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I've got the women's version and I love them- they're a great cross between water shoes and sneakers. Here's the men's version at campmor: http://www.campmor.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?memberId=12500226&productId=39211273

Edit: I forgot to check originally if they came in a 13; I guess they don't currently have them at campmor (they're on sale now). Try zappos instead: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/4674759.html

I really like the Teva Gamma
plus they protect my feet from sharp shells/rock and they drain well and don’t smell after days of camping out of my kayak like neoprene does.

Keen Taos
I have an pair and love them. Wide straps like a sandal, but full heel and rubber toe cap for protection.

Too funny! NM

Check out
Mion footwear. Comfy, light, and I believe they meet your specs. I use mine year-round, with neoprene or wool socks in the summer, and over the dry suit in the winter.

Go cheap!
I use $10 Wal Mart wave shoes and like them just fine. The soles are thick enough to protect my feet from rocks, and the mesh uppers drain instantly. If they get totally crudded up from launching in muddy places, I just replace them.

BTW-- once I’m in the yak, I often kick them off anyway

I second the Teva Gamma’s. I buy them from Sierra Trading Post or Campmor. Campmor had them in their latest mailing for $29.95!

NRS Kickers
Keeps the water chestnut barbs out of your foot to boot. About $33 at most paddle shops that carry NRS. Try them on first, sizing varies from one company to the next, like any shoe.

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Would these keep out
fine sand and pebbles while wading? I usually get out and wade fish in the river and most of the areas are very sandy/gravely. I hate when it gets inside the shoe and you can get it out. Might as well be barefoot.

By the way, Crocs drain and dry better than anything else I’ve tried for warm water paddling, but again, sand and rocks . . . .

Teva Protons
I wear an earlier model than this. My size 11/12 feet means that anything bigger than these or a rodeo sock won’t fit under the decks of most of my boats.


Salomon Techamphibian
Basically, this is a hiking shoe with wet applications. It’s got a solid sole w/ a good tread, a heel adjustment strap and a strong cinch cord in place of the top laces. Most of the sides and top are a fine mesh that keeps out most everything but the finest silt while still draining pretty well. The cinch cord tucks away in a pocket made of a spandex type material for a clean top line. They usually go for around $80 but I’ve seen them as cheap as $65.

I fish too

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that's why I like the Gamma's keeps out rocks/sand and drains well. One thing I like to do is wear a pair of coolmax socks with them the low cut ones. That just makes my feet feel drier when I am back on the boat.

Let me revise my comments!
Well, I THOUGHT I had purchased a good shoe in the Salomon Techphibian but now I think I’ll be paying my local outfitter a visit next week, probably to demand a refund! I had only worn them once a week or two ago for about half a day and they were very comfortable and, as I mentioned before, they drained well. One of the details I especially liked were the cinch laces with the “tuck away” compartment. I was just pulling them out to pack for a weekend trip and noticed something didn’t look right about them. The little spring loaded button that releases the tension on the cinch laces had snapped right off. Closer inspection revealed that the part that held it all together was a little piece of hard plastic no bigger than a pencil lead. I’m glad I discovered this now and not 10 miles down the river or out in the middle of the woods!

I had those Salomons
I like my Keens much better.

tredz $5

canvas cons
I love high top and these cost $20. Might have to add good insoles. Suppose you do a rough surf entry and you swim? I hate losing a shoe. Not pretty having to walk over rocks with no shoes.