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What is the recommended Better choice/ better boat? : Necky Manitou 13 or Perception Acadia 13?

I’ll try to help

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well... the manitou 13 is lighter but the acadia 13 has a nice roomy cockpit. The manitou 13 has a rigid hatch with straps and the acadia 13 has a rubber one. You can get out of both pretty easly. The acadia 13 has a bigger cockpit though.
And last, which looks more stylish to you ???

The Manitou!
Can’t go wrong with this boat.

Kayak Shopping
Trying to make a decision on a Kayak.

Any recommendations or experiences with either is appreciated.

Comparing the Necky Manitou 13 vs Dagger Catalyst 13 or 12.8 without rudder.

Can’t decide?

Probably hear more good things about the Necky.

The Manitou is in my opinion,but…
look also at the P&H Easky, the Widerness Systems Tsunami, the Current Designs Breeze, the current designs kestrel, and the riot voyager for some compairison and always try before you buy.




Manitou v/s WS Tsunami
My hubby was “this close” to buying a Manitou last spring (they just didn’t have the color he wanted in stock). So he tried out the WS Tsunami…just to pass the time…and he loved it! He now owns it…and still loves it! Trying out a few kayaks is SO important…Good Luck!

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