Kayak Shopping

I need a little help. I am looking for a new kayak after having used a cheap, used Pelican. I have been reading reviews for days and have made up my mind between two kayaks. One is the 14ft LL Bean Dirigo Angler, and the other is the 14ft Tsunami. I want a kayak I can fish from but also go down rivers and on small lakes for bird watching. I don’t want to go over a $1000. Any advice out there?




This one is in your price range and has good resell value. Read reviews on Prijon.

second the local paddleshop
there are all kinds of boats out there for under 1000. Just don’t buy on impulse or be influenced by other opinions until you have sat in the boat and demoed it a couple of times. Talk to your paddleshop guys…and more than one paddleshop at that.

It may be pretty, and a good price but you will end up hating it if you haven’t spent butt time in it and it turns out to be uncomfortable for you.

for that amount of money you can find plenty of used boats which I recommend highly for your first or second boat anyway.


New 14’ boat-Dagger
I just picked up a nice 2006 Dagger Spector 14 foot for $720 brand new. Just picked it up last night so I haven’t put it in the water yet. Sure fits me nice with adjustable seat and thigh braces.

Tsunami 140
The Tsunami 140 usually goes for more than $1000 but you can probably find it online for less, especially if you use some of the Paddling Perks partners who offer 10-15% discounts and, often, free or reduced shipping. I’ve paddled a Tsunami 145 and really liked it…it will probably be my next boat.