Kayak shops - Arkansas?

Hello - I have a nephew living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. His parents have asked me for input as they want to buy him a kayak for his 14th birthday, coming up pretty soon.

I can handle the kayak advice, but am striking out on suggestions about where to buy it. I have not had much luck googling for retailers / paddling shops in that area.

I understand Fayetteville is in the northwestern corner of Arkansas, altho I have never been there. My nephew’s family has just arrived there as part of a job transfer, so they are not real familiar with the area yet, either.

So if we have any P’netters around there, please chime in with your favorite shopping spots!

Thanks alot, Uncle Jim in WI

Try This
Ask here


I think the store is called the Rat Pack or something.

Someone on the canoe website will be glad to help you out.

There are plenty of WW guys in the Northern part of the state

Lewis & Clark
I am pretty sure there is also a Lewis and Clark that stocks kayaks in the Fayetteville area. The best advice is the ask the question on the ACC board as suggested above. One of the friendliest groups in the country.

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NW arkansas
I live between Fayetteville and Bentoville Arkansas and am quite familiar with the paddle shops in the area. As mentioned above, the Pack Rat in Fayetteville (gregg street) carries a wide variety of canoes and kayaks. There are two Lewis and Clark stores as well. One in Fayetteville (old highway 71)and one in Rogers/Bentonville (Old Horsebarn road) Both shops carry a good selection of kayaks. There are a couple of other canoe/kayak shops that I know of and perhaps some that I don’t. There’s one north of Rogers in Gsrfield, and Sportsmans wearhouse south of Rogers has a bunch.