Kayak shops in southern CT?

I am taking a drive through CT from NYC on my way to Providence and back for an appointment next week.

Are there any good kayak shops open this time of year that are worth stopping for?



check out
North Cove outfitters in Old Saybrook. They’re on Main St.http://www.northcove.com/

Kayak Centre/Warwick

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Stay away from the boats! Go over to the paddle section and pick up one of these:


30 offset and not more than 190 CM. 184 will do you fine. You'll need it for sprinting and getting on a wave and then tucking out of the way when you screaming a diagonal run against a steep waveface. The entry level Desperado paddle looks pretty good.


Here are two not far off I-95


reading my mind, sing…?

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i bet you know what'll be on my roofrack on my way back, too.


I Am Excited For You…
again, just realize, it take at least a couple of sessions to get used to and to dial it in. Hopefully, you won’t feel the same frustration I had earlier on since I didn’t know what to expect.


i totally agree.
i really have no expectations. honestly, i’d be happy if i can make it past the wash once or twice the first few times. a few experienced surfers are forming a club here in NYC and i’ll be working out with them for sure.

190 max, really! wow that sounds short!

It’s An Adjustment For LongBoaters

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When you catch a wave, if you are in the right section, you only need to 3-6 quick strokes to drop in on the wave. Once on, the paddle is just to stern rudder. The more paddle you have in the water, the more drag and the slower you go. You just need enough blade in the water to effect whatever directional change you want.

Getting paddle trapped on the waveside... I would not have believed it possible until it happened to me. Riding a steep curling wall, I had the paddle on the wave side, I couldn't get it out and around to stern rudder on the shoreside to get away from break. The wall was right next to me. Anyway, I got trashed on that one. It made me a believer in a shorter paddle. Also, if I anticipate the wall steepening on me on a diagonal run, I switch the paddle to the shore side. I may use a minimal rudder or not at all just so I don't slow down get overtaken by the break.


North Cove
North Cove in Old Saybrooke is the place to head to. Execellent staff and good selection on paddling gear.

After visiting NC
head over to a pizza resturaunt by the train station, I think it is Pat’s or something like that. Great pie. I travel down that way for biz and ate there last time in Old Saybrook.

Good thing
about Old saybrook is North Cove is about 2 minutes from I-95 north, and Pat’s is right across street from on-ramp.