kayak show in NY

hi all…just wanted to remind ppl in the northeast of the Saratoga Springs, NY kayak show @ the Saratoga city center on weekend of March 6th-8th. this is a 1st time event.

Specific brands per dealer
Sponsored by one retailer, one needs to understand that the kayak brands represented will be what Mountainman is a dealer for. Just like their Paddlefest. For canoes and rec kayaks, most of the desirable companies are surely represented. But for composite sea and touring kayaks, you will not find Valley, NDK, Nigel Foster, or P & H boats at this show. My knowledge of Mountainman is that in this paddling category, they are dealers for Impex, CD (Caribou), and WS (Tempest). The show is a great opportunity to check out speakers and get paddling accessories. Should not buy a boat without test paddling anyways.