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I am looking fora white water kayak. I’m 6-2 and 265#. My feet are a size 13. What would be a appropriate kayak? I think an RPM Max is about the right size. Are there any others that would fit me? Right now I have a Dagger Magellin which is just wonderful but not too good for class 2-3 water. Can anyone give me some advice short of loosing 90# and shortening my legs and feet?

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I posted the same question a little over a week ago. I’m 6’3", 285 lb. The post was “River running boat for a big guy.”

I’ll watch this thread incase people give additional suggestions.

Good luck.

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Not an expert on ww
not an expert on ww water but you should fit in the Pyhrana H-255. I have one and its made for big guys and its well made. I have not had a chance to do any ww water with it yet but I here it handles it very well.

Big WW boats
The Manufacturers web sites list their boats, and usually list the recommended paddler weight range. You ARE on the upper range of the biggest whitewater boats, but I think if you look at the highest volume creek boats, there are probably a good number of kayaks that should work for you.

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Perception boats for big guys

Here are a couple of links for some boats I’ve paddled. I am 6’1" and 230 lbs have size 12 shoes. The Blaze is a cool boat with inflatable hip braces and other very cool factory outfitting. Its design is high volume down-river with the ability to do many play-boat tricks.


The Madness is recommended up to 200 lbs, but I own this boat, and it has plenty of volume to handle myself, and I think could handle your size as well. Although, it just ran through its cycle and was removed, I’ve got a Madness for sale.


I definitely would recommend taking a look at both boats as well as others.


Wave Sport Super EZ

couple of suggestions…
…I sound like a poster boy for Prijon, but one of the many things I like about that line is the

lack of a center pillar. I’m not real big at 6’

205, but my knees are shot and the Prijon boats

were a lot more comfortable than ANY of the other

boats. The plastic is tough enough without the

pillars. They make several general river running

boats that would be good.

In general, all the river running boats try to

create a balance for point A to point b pad-

dlers and those who want to play. The Pyranha

line, as most of the white water boats, are more

balanced toward play than A to B paddlers than

the Prijon river runners are.

I get bored playing. More than about 10 minutes

in one spot, and I can’t stand it! In that I’m


So it’s kind of a judgement call on what kind of

a moving water experience you want.

It’s winter. Many paddling clubs are doing pool

rolling sessions. Find a local club and learn

to roll. You’ll get to try a lot of boats. then

before you buy, wait for the demo days that people

sponsor; ie: demo, demo, demo.

Also try http://boatertalk.com/forum/BoaterTalk.

It’s a WW board, but I warn you–it ain’t like

this one!

No, it ain’t like this one, but
whose fault is that?

Let us know if you ever run into a Prijon Performance owner. The Canoe & Kayak testers panned it, but it probably needs a river runner to evaluate it.


Also check out the Pyranha G3.
I have seen a couple of other big guys buying it at Nantahala Outdoor Center. It is longer and less creeky than the Pyranha H3 255. Not as fast as a Prijon Chopper in a straight line, but more “new school” and probably sharper-handling. Very few people own them, and you will find few or no reviews, but it is a big boat that should carry your weight well. Also it will back-ender less than a Dagger RPM Max.

EZ??? Hey, dude…now back to boats…
…I noticed in the newest Paddler the perfor-

mance wasn’t listed. I’ve been wanting to get my

hands on one myself. At least I don’t think it


You think a Chopper might be good for this guy?