Kayak size

I am a new kayaker. I have an Eclipse 8.8 sit on top. I am 6’3 and weigh 245. My problem with the back of the boat rides real low in the water and floods the cockpit. I have tried with and without the scupper plugs with same results. Help!! Am I too big for this boat? Should I be looking at 10-12 foot boats? Thanks

Eclipse 86?
I found info for an Eclipse 86 by Future beach, which they say has a max carrying capacity of 285. Could this be what you have? If not, who is the manufacturer of your boat?

Either way, it at least sounds like the weight is unbalanced (if only the back is being sunk). Is there a way to shift your weight forward?

At most, you are too heavy for the boat. You might be better with a boat with a higher weight rating (like 350+), which generally means a longer boat.

Scuppers only help drain a boat when the boat is floating above water level. The plugs keep the water from splashing up. In your case, if the boat is submerging, the scuppers in or out won’t help at all.

too big

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Yes, you are too big for that boat. Fully dressed and with your paddle, PFD, water bottle and gear you are at the upper limit of the capacity which is never good. And your height and leg length are probably putting too much of your weight towards the stern. If you added ballast to the bow you would ride even lower in the water.

Most guys your size are better off in at least a 12 and even a 14 foot boat. I'm 5' 5" and 150 lbs and would find an 8' 8" boat unacceptably small myself.

Honestly, that little kayak is just a step above a pool toy. It's pretty much kid sized, despite the optimistic weight rating. Though it's a little wide for a kid -- not sure who would really fit in it properly. But then that's why it's only 200 bucks.

go bigger if you can
Sounds like the kayak might be too small? I would go with a 12’ if you’re looking to get a new one. I’m 6’4" and 235lbs. I have a 10ft Emotion renegade XT you can see about 15 posts down. It sits right and I have no issues of water coming in from the scuppers. The back 4 are plugged but the front 2 are not. A little water will splash up when the water is choppy though.

I’m wishing now I spent the extra and got something in 12 ft or bigger. Like the heritage angler 12 or ocean kayak prowler 13. But this renegade will work for now…

When you look up a boat’s info
look at the specs for how much it can carry for that model.

There are a few longer but skinny kayaks out there that won’t fit you either, you do need “longer” but it is the total weight bearing capacity that counts. Remember, water is heavy, about 8lbs a gallon, you don’t want to take on just a few gallons getting splashed, get wet, and suddenly be over the kayak’s weight limit again. People forget that their gear has weight, all the time, the paddle, the pfd, the little drybag for the cell phone, the water bottle, too. Maybe it’s not that much but if you’re pushing the limit, and you’re in wet clothes that are not quick-dry it can REALLY add up in a hurry if you start to swamp.

Need bigger boat

Pelican boats
Anyone have any experience with Pelican Soul 120??