Kayak sizing help please Jackson Journey

Hey guys I’m wanting to buy a Jackson Journey kayak. I’ve found one about an hour away for a good deal but I’m curious if it’ll fit me.

It’s a 13.5 rather than the 14’

I’m 6,1" and 180 and pretty skinny. Do you this would work for me?

Why not try it? An hour’s drive isn’t all that far away and you’d want to sit in any boat before buying it. If you could do a test paddle, that would be even better.

I am 6’, 32" inseam, size 11 feet, and 215 pounds. I find the 13.5 to be too small for me. I fit in it, but the position I am puts my legs to sleep after even 15 minutes. The 14 fits fine for me.

I have a 13.5 Journey and I’m pretty sure neither is set up as a low volume lighter paddler orientated boat. It should fit you just fine. If I remember correctly the footboard is adjustable.
You shouldn’t get dead leg just because the boat is slightly shorter. Many other reasons that would be an issue.

It’s a great boat. I’ll bet you really like it.

Sure it will fit you. You should be just as concerned about the condition of the boat. I’m assuming you’re talking about a used boat. If not stored properly, polyethylene boats can warp. Be especially certain that the keel line is absolutely straight. Turn the boat upside down and sight down the keel from stem to stern and vice versa. If you detect the slightest out of alignment distortion, do not buy the boat. If the bottom is dented, or extensively scratched and gouged–do not buy the boat.

Thank you so much guys, and you magooch. I k ow the pictures have been from outside the last few months I’ve been inquiring about it. So I hope it’s okay.

What constitutes proper storage? This boat is $400 with the rudder. Even at that price no questions… if it’s warped a no correct?

Number one for proper storage is indoors if possible, but most of all, out of the sun. Ideally it would be indoors, on something soft and on edge. My poly boats are in my shop, resting on edge on inflated boat fenders. From time to time, I switch the boats around so they rest on the opposite edge. These boats are more than 10 years old and still look like brand new and they get used a lot.

Yes, if the keel line is not straight, it cannot be corrected by any practical means. Although some warpage in the hull might be fixable, I wouldn’t want to deal with it unless the boat was otherwise in very good shape. and was an especially good deal. I cannot stress the importance of the keel line being straight too much. Otherwise, the boat will not paddle straight; it will want to go in circles and you will fight it and that is not fun.

You should also be aware of a slumped deck. That is where the deck has gotten too hot and sagged. Try to find the manufacturers specs for distance from the floor of the boat to the deck at the front of the coaming (cockpit). If possible, I would want to look at a brand new version of the boat and take some measurements.