Kayak Skirts

HI…I need some help finding a skirt for my Carolina 13.5 Perception kayak. I am interested in the neoprene and have got my eye on a Snap Dragon Glacier Trek EZ. I was wondering what someone thought of this brand and what do they consider the best brand of spray skirt. I also want something that is well built and will last. Do you think that i should get suspenders or not? what is the best thing to do. thanks for your help. bliss

if you are getting a nylon tube
I recommend suspenders. there are several very good brands of skirts. snapdragon is certainly well respected. I own several of their skirts. They will custom cut a skirt fot you at a nominal extra fee (Two of my boats have odd shaped coamings.)

Just got the Seals Extreme Tour skirt
It has a breathable fabric tube, and can be worn with the suspenders or without. Only used it once in a pool so far, and did not find it uncomfortably warm or hard to release. The Carolina 13.5 is listed in the Seals fit guide, although there is a difference in size between RM and Airalite.

You chose well
Snapdragon makes a good reliable product. You would be hard pressed to do better. The Glacier EZ has a neoprene waist band wth two velcro tabs to tighten securely around your waist, no need for suspenders. With its nylon tunnel, the Glacier is not as hot as the all neoprene tunnels which is a plus for warm weather paddling.