Kayak Specifications - Piccolo by W.S.

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Where can I find the specifications for a Piccolo kayak that was manufactured by Wilderness Systems? There is currently one for sale on Ebay (item 160139463385), I would like to know length, width, carrying capacity, etc. Thank you!

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I rented one a few years ago. If I remember correctly, it had a 20.5" beam and was 13’6" long. It had a very low deck, low enough that even my small self wished for a little more height so I could have more than one leg position.

Read the reviews on pnet’s review section. Some comments I’ve seen mentioned that regardless what the manufacturer rating for weight limit was, the kayak was best suited to those under 120 lbs.

It was intended mainly as a child’s kayak. The guy who designed it used to post on pnet sometimes. Maybe he’ll see your post and reply with more details.

BTW, the Piccolo does not have bulkheads, so if you buy it make sure you use floatation bags in the ends.

It was a fun boat to paddle but too small for camping out of.

I sold one last year. My teenage son outgrew it, it was purchased by a thin teenage girl. It is suitable for a small athletic person, 100 lbs or so. I had a few boys try it, but they tipped over.


Spec. length 13’6", width 21 1/4, depth 9", cockpit, 31 x 15 1/4, weight 45 lbs. recommended

capacity, 175 lbs. designer, andy singer, this kayak was long time favorite of women, smaller adults and kids. this was taken from a 2001 Wilderness catalogue