Kayak Speed Question

No need for a published spec, hull speed is easy. It’s just a brute force calculation, although you need to know the water line length of the boat (not overall length).

See Wikipedia, for instance - as you can see, it is NOT an exact value, hence the variation in coefficient. The truth is, it’s a one-significant-figure parameter, so a pretty coarse measure:

I believe what you are interested in is the same thing touched on in other posts.
Namely, effort to maintain a cruising speed, rather than all out top speed.
Here is what I believe, for what it’s worth.
Narrower is almost always faster.
There is a point of diminishing return for length, and it’s probably shorter than most people think.
The slower the speed, the less volume you want in the ends. And my understanding is that it doesn’t just mean width, it can also mean depth.
The slower the speed, the less asymmetrical you want the boat. There may even be a point where fish form requires less effort.

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interesting, I guess I thought hull design would make more of a difference

Hull design absolutely makes a difference. However, the theoretical parameter called hull speed does not take hull design into account - that’s why it’s not particularly useful as a hull descriptor or as a quantitative measure to compare boats. In fact, it’s no more useful than just stating the water line length of a boat.

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