Kayak Stabilizer Floats

I am going to eventually buy a kayak this spring (just waiting for that killer deal) and I was wanted to know if putting kayak stabalizers on a kayak is difficult. I found some from spring creek (http://www.paddling.net/buyersguide/accessories/showProduct.html?prodID=448&manfID=91&cat=15)

But I can’t find any other models or companies that make them for kayaks. Enlightened has a stabalizer float option that looks really nice, but I don’t have 1700 to plunk down. If anyone has any opinions or knows anything about kayak floats I would love to here from you . Thank you.

Spend the money on lessons from a
good outfitter.

Equipment will never take the place of good skills. The “stabalizers” will make it very difficult to right your boat if if did capsized and impossible to learn to roll.

Remember “can’t” doesn’t apply on the water.

Remember the Titanic.

But Can The Titanic Be Rolled?
I imagine if we used Einstein’s logic, then if we had a paddler with wide enough shoulders & arms, a big enough paddle, and one heck of a hip snap, maybe so. LOL

Kidding aside, Waterdoc is giving you good advice. When I first started paddling, I too was looking for all kinds of contrivances to keep the boat afloat. Then I learned from the good people on this site that a kayak is designed to be used as part of a sport that requires skill development, and that’s what makes it challenging and fun. I think that most people who go to classes have a great time and meet some really nice people.


hull form stability
if you want a stable kayak with little chance of tipping over,get one,don’t get a tippy kayak then put floats on it.

Judge their usefulness by their
popularity. I’ve been paddling for 30 years, and I do not recall EVER seeing a kayak with stabilizer floats. Most kayaks, even some that are fairly narrow, are quite stable when you are sitting in them on smooth water. In whitewater, the floats I’ve seen (including Spring Creek floats) are not going to keep you from capsizing, and by hanging up on rocks and strainers, they create their own problems. Some of my WW paddling strokes require me to place the kayak paddle vertically right next to the hull, and of course I do not need a paddle float in the way.

I use it to fish
I would only use them to have more stabability for fishing. If I were want to stand up and pull in strong fighting fish(salmon). But on the other hand, are they easy to dismantel or put away while on the water? or vice vera? This is what I am looking for. Enlightened has custom floats for thier kayak that seem very easy to extend and stow away from your boat on the water.

Folks here tend to make assumptions and react accordingly. Adding details to your queries helps to avoid this.

The Enlightened do look pretty functional huh? I use a Penobscot 16 canoe so I can stand and cast/retrieve. No stabilizers needed.

I can see a distinct advantage to paddling a kayak (better hull for faster upstream paddling) and being able to engage a pontoon system once you get to your hole. Neat idea.

You should post this on the fishing thread as well and share with us what your ultimate design is when you get there.

Good luck!

Check out…

Go to the great pics on the left side of the page and go down to pic #7…a picture of Joe Greenley’s new kids boat: ‘The Par’…

A cute boat…


Not difficult at all

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I've used these before and loved them:

There's a time and place for everything. If you need/want them, get them. No one is saying they're a substitution for water safety and skills but if you need that extra stability that's what they're for.

And yes other companies do make them, just google "kayak outriggers". You'll find plenty. Read the reviews, see which ones fare best, have little drag, etc...