kayak stabilizers

I have a pamlico 145 tandem and want to put on stabilizers(pontoons) for safety and for fishing. Any suggestions as to type of stabilizer and placement would be appreciated.

Doesn’t Really Need It…
I had that boat and flyfished from it. Not standing up of course. It’s about one of the more stable rec boats out there. The stablizers will only slow you down and it would make self rescue potentially harder, depending on what type of stablizer and how it’s attached.


BTW, if you’re on your own, you should fill as much of the unused space with floatation bags as possible to displaced water. It’s a really bath tub without floatation bags and impossible to clear out in the middle of a lake.

Wheres my invite
If’in you put them pontoons on that yak I’d betcha you could hold a square dance right there in the cockpit.




and here…


you are the stabilizer
give it time and practice