kayak stabilizers

I have a pamlico 145 tandem which I want to fish from. I want to install stabilizers (pontoons) for stability. Any suggestions as to type and placement would be appreciated.

Thank you.

What kind of fishing are you planning to
do? I fish from a small sit-in…9.6’… with a fairly wide beam…26+". Haven’t seen much of a need for pontoons unless I want to stand and fish.

Spring Creek
Google “Spring Creek” and look for the pontoons that are more hydrodynamic. I believe you can order from their site.

The pontoons look like this and work either on SOT’s or SINK’s.


Hope this helps.


kayak stabilizers
hi check out www.keywestpaddlesports.com these are only $139 and can be used with the bracket set for $15.00 very nice and half the price of all the others.