Kayak Stacker for Sea Kayak???


I am on a road trip and just picked up a second sea kayak (found a great deal on one that I could not pass up).

I will be here for a few more months and then will be moving to MD and will need to make about an 8 hour drive on the highway. I will have to carry two full sized sea kayaks…and two bikes on my rack.

Bar space will be limited, but I think I could fit the second kayak if I use a kayak stacker (I happen to have one with me). I have only used the stacker for carrying a whitewater boat and never for a sea kayak.

Will the kayak stacker hold the second sea kayak securely enough to be okay for an 8 hour trip at highway speeds? I never really could get my whitewater boat on there really tight when sitting on its side.

Also, the boat is fiberglass so I want to make sure that I don’t damage the hull strapping it down.



no problem
use pads. I did a trip to Maine with three glass kayaks on their sides and one set of stackers.

should be fine with pads
Sometimes stackers are the way to carry multiple boats.

Easy and safe
I’ve done several trips from VA down to Tybee island using stackers and two sea kayaks with no problem. I use a figure-8 loop that crosses under the main support bar, around the base of the stacker, then back under the support bar before going back up the boat to meet the buckle. This pulls the boat tight against the stacker and also down against the support bar.

I also use bow and stern lines to keep the boats from jumping around too much.

– T

If a stacker is a temporary solution
you might buy a pool noodle to pad the bar where the seam rests.