Kayak Stacker vs. stacking kayaks (SOT)

Hi all,

I’m looking for input on stacking a pair of SOTs one atop the other versus buying the Thule Kayak Stacker, vertical side by side solution.

The SOTs in question, while very close in size are very different hull shapes. (An O.K. Trident 13 and a Necky Vector 13)

I’ll be forced to stack them for the weekend and will undoubtedly learn something in the process but I’m interested in hearing from others who’ve faced this minor dilemma.



It does partly depend on how well they “mate” with one another how stable they will be on top of each other. I personally like using the stackers – just feels really secure, especially if you tie them down individually (instead of having one strap over both).

I have several SOTs and I almost always load them using stackers.

Thank you
Thank you for your reply; After just a bit of messing around with it, and partially due to the vehicle height, I’m going with the rack attachment.