"kayak stacker"

Anyone use the thule kayak stacker for carrying sea kayaks? Rack spread is about 3’-9".

Please don’t tell me I have to go buy 2 hullaports.

No Hull-a-ports
You must get a pair of Hull-a-vators instead! Go Big! :wink:

Stacker’s just fine for plastic boats. Slit a pool noodle an place it on the bar to cushion the ride for the kayaks and use bow/stern tie downs (especially if there isn’t much bar spread)

See you on the water,



Hyde Park, NY

Can use stacker for all boats
We have the older style, an inverted and angled U bar, on one car and saddles/gliders on the other. While the saddles/gliders definately work best with the composite sea kayaks, we find that we can load up anything we have on the stackers as long as there is some padding on it. That’s the WW boats, a plastic sea kayak and any of the glass sea kayaks alone or in combo. YakPadds work nicely for the crossbar, and high quality pipe insulation on the stackers, to provide some padding.

We use stackers
on our sea kayaks, both plastic and composite. Just had Pintail and Valley Q-boat on stackers this weekend. Use a bit of padding on the stacker to keep from marring hull, padding on the rack rails. Straps around the boats at the stackers and tie downs bow and stern. Have traveled several trips long distance up to 600 miles one way no problems.

Stackers – Yes
I have used them for years with up to four boats loaded around town, including three sea kayaks and a sit-on-top. I’ve made a dozen trips from Virginia to Georgia and beyond with two explorers loaded with no issues whatsoever.

I find them very flexible for hauling boats around.


Use Stackers for transporting my Chatham 16 and it is totally safe and secure. Have taken both the Chatham and Prijon CombiTour (12’) together 1200 miles round trip at 70-80mph and no problems encountered. love the ease of use and simplicity.

You have to buy two Hullaports
I use the stackers and I don’t want you copying off me.