Kayak Storage (another bizarre question)

Anyone happen to know of a place where I might inexpensively store a kayak temporarily in the area of Sunnyvale California?

The usual rental storage lockers are grossly overpriced and rather large ones are required to fit a 17’ boat.

Your Squall is 16.5’
I think you posted earlier that it was a Squall, 17’. The Squall is 16.5’.

I doubt it makes a difference in storage fees, though.

California Canoe and Kayak in Oakland (Jack London Square) offers kayak storage for $35 a month. A little far from Sunnyvale, but a plus is that you can launch right from there.

Might be easier to see if you can find some kind soul in Western Sea Kayaks or Bay Area Sea Kayaks who would let you borrow some space with their boats.

BTW - I have gone the storage locker route, and am paying $150 a month for a 5’x18’ one in San Carlos. I have other stuff I am storing, so this made sense. My Looksha IV just fits inside it, with a few inches to spare on either end.


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*sigh* looks like i just accidentally blew away the contents of my original message. This is one of the oddest message forums I've seen yet..

Anyway, I called California Canoe & Kayak and they only have storage at Half Moon Bay... a bit too far away. Guess I'll keep checking around...

my goof
Sorry about this - I saw a Craigslist ad with the following headline “Store your kayak on the Oakland estuary - $35 (oakland downtown)” and assumed it was CCK (who I thought were the only ones in that area). Seems I was wrong, and should have read further.


In case the ad gets deleted, here is the text:

The Kayak Hotel still has choice racks available

• 24/7 Secure access

• 3 docks and 1 ramp to launch from

• Dollies to move your kayak

• Fresh water rinse for your kayak

• Hot shower for you and your gear

• Area to store gear

• All for 35.00 a month

The Kayak Hotel is located at 499 Embarcadero at 5th Avenue in Oakland. We are only a few feet from the beautiful Oakland estuary. Reply to this ad (sale-215806920@craigslist.org) or call (510) 821-1500 to arrange for a tour.

Sounds good.
The above deal with all the extras involved sounds like it could pretty good deal for someone who needs all that. But if you need more ideas/options, you might consider finding a friend, family member, or especially a close by neighbor with extra storage space, and work out a deal with them. $20 a month could mean alot to some people that don’t need the room anyway. Maybe they could just give you a key. Just a thought.