Kayak Storage at the Lake?

I sure would ride my bike less and paddle more if I could store a boat at the local lake. A local paddle store rents boats at a nearby park/lake. Before I approach the local lake officials and local kayak store about it I thought I’d ask y’all. Does anyone store their boat at a facility near a body of water? Privately owned or some level of govt? Has it worked out well? Worth the cost?

Seminole Canoe and Kayak Club facilities are on a river. They are about 90 years old.

I don’t personally, but there are around 70 kayaks stored all summer at two parks in Harbor Springs, MI. Run by the city, the racks are attached to the wall of a marina at one location, and to a fence at the other. Seems to have worked out well as there’s a wait list every year. The high end boats are locked.