Kayak storage bag

Ok Folks…I know I’ve not been here in awhile…life has a way of side tracking FUN. (nothing about moving 5 times since Katrina has been fun either.) But to give you all who know me a really quick rundown on whats going on, I’ve finally settled about 45 minutes away from New Orleans on a local river (so I can kayak again with ease)…but now I’m being forced to store my precious QCC outside. Yes I am locking it up.

But what I need is a bag to put it in and I’m having trouble finding one. I’m not sure if I’m not searching right or what, but I can’t locate one online thats big enough for my almost 17’ long Q.

If anyone has any leads on this, please let me know?

Thanks. And thanks to all of you who have kept in touch with me over the past 18 months. Its been a heck of a trip, but as of yesterday I am officially back on the water again…I’ve retrieved my kayaking card from the depths…and it feels good!


Check your local stores for this.


I must be loosing my mind. I wasn’t using the word “cover” in my search…I was using “bag” and “case” and “storage” and was coming up with blanks.

Check Paddling.net
Don’t forget you can always research gear in the Paddling.net buyer’s guide:

Here are some kayak storage bags:




They have a cover that fits my 17’10" Impex kayak.

Ditto on the Cabela’s storage bag. I think i paid about $60. It’s a decent bag.

I looked at it too
thougth it would be too flimsy/cheap for that price and would not last long. Good to hear it’s a good bargain. I’m in the market for one for my QCC too. Question: is the bag waterproof and does it breath similar to tyvek?

RE: Cabelas cover
I have used mine for three years now. Each spring when I uncover my kayak there is a bit of water inside. I would say a few cups of water. So, it is not completely waterproof. On the other hand, for $60 it has held up well outside for three winters, in both Pa and Co.

Thanks for all the advice-
The Cabella’s price is right too. I’d like to have an expensive bag…they look beautiful…but I’m having trouble justifying 250 dollars for a bag. I really just need to keep the sun off of it. (and protect that pretty ernge sunburst paint job QCC hooked me up with.)


Happy news
In a way - if your major issues are down to how to store the QCC. Must have been a hellacious time for you since Katrina.

Its been a heck of a time…I’ve been in situations that I never thought I’d ever have to face since that damned storm. Really could write a book. I’ve had 5 different addresses, paid 2X more for rent than before the storm, fought huge battles with insurance companies (whom I’ve lost all faith in) and overall have just started to come out of something of a depression and a fog.

Its nice to finally wake up and feel like things are somewhat returning to normal.

The old “me” is pretty much gone. Its amazing how much a person can deal with and come out sane.

So…yeah…its VERY nice to just be looking for a good way to store my boat! :slight_smile:


I have one I’ll let go…
I have a kayak cover I’ll sell you. It will hold an 18-foot boat and has a full-length zipper. It’s a bit pricey, but it comes with an Island Expedition kayak inside. ;-).

Seriously, a good bag that also travels well will have compression-bag style straps that will “gather” up the extra cover fabric so it doesn’t flap in the wind during transport. That’s a good feature to have if you’re going to leave the cover on when driving.

I made one from a "Car Cover"
bought at Walmart for $20. It’s water-resistant

(breathes though so doesn’t mildew) and is UV resistant. I put buckles and straps to secure it/ adjust it for use on the roof racks. Works great and was cheap. Check the archives for details on it.

Am in Fla and went through Charley and three other hurricanes a couple years ago so know what you’ve been through (and SURVIVED!) Best of luck.


shaking my head yes to tyvek
go to lowes or home depot and see what a roll price is…before making the bag for your kayak put the tyvek in a washing machine (best maybe to go to a commercial laundromat in town) and wash it several times…this takes the crinkle out and softens it up…one roll will do several kayaks depending on size of the roll of course.