Kayak Storage Cover

I need to find, or design, a cover for my kayak.

I live in my rig and the kayak will travel/store on top of my trailer.
It will get close to 364 days of sun so UV protection is my main concern.
It will have to also be secure enough to deal w/ up to 80mph wind (mostly from the bow end).

Right now I’m thinking of some canvas type material that is cut to shape and zippered at the stern end.
I don’t yet know if I want to have it be completely enclosed or just the hull. Mostly because of how that could interfere w/ the rack system (which I also have to create).
I’m also imagining a few - several hull straps that can attach around the kayak, or possibly down to the rack/trailer deck.
I will be carrying it hull up as that’s the shortest height I can achieve and my trailer is pretty tall.

Does it sound like I’m on the right track? Anything that stands out as a bad idea?
Is there someone making something like this already?
I’m open to any ideas.

It will be for a 14’, poly, Wilderness Systems Tsunami.

Have you looked at how the covers for racing shells are made, as in sculling? Probably would be a useful guide.

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Not cheap but probably about the best out there.

Quite a few premade sizes available

Everything you’d need to make your own or add to one you wanted to modify


I second the RedLeaf designs cover. Perfect fit, durable, works for storage or transport. Taking the measurements yourself is very easy. I have a Danuu cover for another kayak that I use just for storage and it is OK for that purpose. Would be a huge pain to get tight enough for travel and after 2.5 years in the Florida sun it is starting to disintegrate. I expect the RedLeaf cover to last much longer than that.

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Canvas shop that’s good and make it from sunbrella. It will last ten years easy.

That Redleaf cover looks like what I was envisioning. Thank you very much!
Not having to prototype and work out the bugs over a few tries is often worth paying a bit more.

Thank you all for the info!

I’ve had boat covers and spray skirts made by this person and know her pretty well. She will take very good care of you and price will be reasonable

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Whatever you end up with, if the cover is not breathable, be sure that the kayak is dry inside and out before using it for long term storage.