Kayak storage, Ft. Myers, FL, area

Hi, all! The better half and I are contemplating getting a condo in the Ft. Myers area. While my preference is to find something with a garage or a large storage area, it may not be possible in our price range. What storage options, if any, may be available for two boats, no longer than 14’? Any boat clubs or self storage facilities recommended?

Cartop storage is not an option at this point.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Public Storage units
I live in the central part of the state, but these Public Storage units are everywhere.

I rented a 10x15 unit, and my canoe (12 ft 9 inches) and SOT (12 ft) and my bicycle and its rack and a few other items fit comfortably in there.

Look online, they usually have a $1/first month move in special, with a $22 admin fee—so $23 for the first month. There is no lease, but the price can’t go up for 6 months. I’m paying $87/month including tax.

Cheaper than buying a house with a garage, gives me more space in my condo, and saves my wretched back from toting the canoe and bike up the stairs.

Each renter has an individual gate code, and the gate won’t open between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Well lit, and there are cameras.

It is working out okay for me.

Thanks, Sissy
I’m thinking this is the way to go if we can’t store them onsite.