Kayak Storage?? Help?

Looking for a easy, cheap, semi temporary way to store 2 tsunami 125 duralites. Looking to get them off the garage floor to make garage a little more spacious when showing for possible sale of home. Looked at the Traction Aquaslings any feedback?? Any other suggestions? Remember easy, cheap, semi temporary! Thanks

The cheapest is straps
Hoist them to the rafters, or in loops on the wall. I bought some Talic Kayak condos, and they are great. Easy in, out of the way, high quality product, worth the money.

Couple of plant hangers…
Cost me about $20:


Ladder hooks
Look for them at Lowes or Home Depot.

I use 2 straps hung from eye
hooks in the rafters. Doesn’t get much cheaper. Hang them deck down or on edge.

Last time
I was a Dick’s Sporting Goods (I know big box retail, yuck) they had some inexpensive J cradles for hanging your kayaks from the wall. Similar ones I’ve seen online were $70-100 a pair, these were $35 or $40 as I recall. They were good heavy duty powder coated steel with rubberized foam padding and came with the screws for mounting.

I need to go back and pick up two pair for my own garage.