Kayak Storage on cart

I have moved to Florida and have limited space in my condo for storage. I prefer not to rent a storage unit as I have had storage units broken into before.

I may be being a little lazy but is this set up acceptable or should I get a rack and store it on its side.

Thank you

You don’t need a rack. Pool noodles will suffice nicely and can be trimmed so you don’t trip over them. Here’s how I’m storing my at-home boat until my dock is set.

Finally found a use for the painter that came with my CD kayak. It keeps my boat from sliding down the hill into the lake.

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Yes - on its side on some pool noodles or foam blocks up against the wall is perfectly fine. It will take up less space that way too.

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You do not have that complicated a kayak. I assume you are keeping it indoors, in AC. It will be fine just as we see it. Or just put it flat on the floor.

It would be nicer hanging hull to wall, but not necessary.

I often have boats sitting on carts in the shop or garage. Yes, I’m lazy too.

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