Kayak storage on end

Oh no, another kayak storage question!

Like Coffee, my owner’s manual recommends storing my boat on end.

It doesn’t say which end however.

Since I have a rudder, it made sense to me to store it bow down. Anyone have a good case for stearn down (with the weight resting on the rudder pivot)?

I would never…
store mine on the rudder.

I wouldn’t even store it on its bow.

I don’t care what the book says.

I hope you have a tall garage!



Two 16 foot boats…
…and my house is only 13 feet tall. Three feet up in the air… or in Cody it is the WIND. Plus at 14 footer and a 12 footer and an 11 footer and a 9 footer. Now the 9 footer will go into the garage with a 10 foot ceiling. I would love to store them all vertically. It would take up less yard space.


Probably ok
It is probably ok, I have seen several shops do it for display and storage. If it has a rudder you would have to put it bow down, my concern would be the chance of rain collecting in the cockpit, if you do not have bulkheads it won’t matter either way. I made a display for a shop that put the bows down and it did not seem to collect too much rain water, but I still think that if it rained hard enough and long enough it would add to the wieght on the point of the kayak and stress the rack. Also probably makes for a great mosquito breeding ground. I guess you could put cockpit covers on.


rec boat
Iv’e been hanging a keeowee by the bow grab loop for nine years and havent noticed any deformation at all. Ten foot tall garage rafters,nine foot boat.

I think they meant…
Do not hang the boat horizontaly by “both” grabloops… LOL! I could see problems occuring in that situation…

Paddle easy,