Kayak Storage Outside

I did a search and didn’t see this addressed. I live in a small duplex with no room for my new 12 ft. kayak. Is it okay to store it outside? Any suggestions on how to do so? Many thanks in advance.

Kayak rack

just what i wanted
thanks for the pics. i think i will build one like you have! i appreciate it!

Best means to store the kayak
Woody, Appreciate the photo layout on your kayak racks. Does it make a difference if the kayak is stored on the side or on the bottom of the hull? Mark

Coconut Grove, a suburb of Miami. I store 6 yaks there (what am I going to do with the NEXT one? LOL!)

It was a one day affair to design & build, and it’s held the boats for over a year now in our Sunny South Florida weather. It’s really pretty simple -build a couple of "L"s, with a 2X12 across the botom (it elevates the boatys above grass, weeds, wet ground, allows drainage, etc.) and 2X6 verticals, with cross-frame Xs on the back and across the front. The 2X12s are as long as needed -for me, long enough to hold 4 kayaks on their sides. To the verticals I added 1X3s about 2-1/2 feet long to hold two others.

You can see them at


At the top of the page is the “Photo ALbum” link -click on it, then click on the “Popular” tap near the top of the page. Once there, scroll down -you’ll see the Yak Rack Out Back.

You can see a close side view at


(Cut & paste all of the above to go directly to the photo; the live link brings you to a different page.

On this page is the “Misc ALbums” link -click on it, then click on the either of the 2 rack pics

Up in Tally, you probably don’t have near the solar exposure we do down here, but I’d suggest getting 303 and giving your boat(s) a go every so often to help preserve them.

You can also lock them to the fram, and lock the frame to a structure, if you’re security-concious (those are the cables in my photos) and want to tie them down.

And there you are -a great way to hold your boats in between the time you


-Frank in Miami

side, top or bottom
I store mine on the hull or the deck. Often if there is a bit of water in it when putting the boat away I’ll store it on the deck so it can drain then flip it over in a day or two and put a cockpit cover on it.

On the side might be difficult with the setup I have because of those support arms under each shelf bracket.

It was a very simple thing to put up. I think it took me longer to get the tarp over the top kayak than it did to build the rack. Essentially it is lag bolt the vertical strips to the fence, add shelf brackets and a little foam, then have a beer while marveling at a job well done. A little duct tape on the foam keeps it from falling off.

The top kayak is never used (a wood stripper that doesn’t fit me any more and the wife won’t let me get rid of), so it makes the perfect thing to wrap the tarp around and let it hang down over the from covering the other kayaks.

I have too many kayaks for this rack, so there may be a second one go up on the opposite fence this year… :slight_smile: