Kayak storage question

I bought the 2 Kestrel’s I found on CL yesterday and brought them home in a 5x9 U-haul trailer. They were well secured and protected during the 60 mile highway trip.

They are now sitting on the floor of my garage which I know isn’t good.

  1. The prior owner used ladder hangers to store them on the wall. Any thoughts on these? A little extra pool noodle and they look like they’ll work fine. Is there a “best” place to have the support?


  2. How long can they sit on the garage floor?

Floor is fine
Put some carpet under them so they feel loved. They’re happy on the floor.

You hang kayaks to free up space in the garage not because of some structural reason. Yes, you’re correct, the wider the brackets are that hold it, the better.

The ones you linked to…
…are only 10 1/4" wide. Will they be wide enough for your boats?

I built a simple cradle from 2x4s, fitted with swivelling casters so I can move it about, for my two boats. Then I made 8 small metal plates and used them to secure two lengths of 2" poly straps to suspend each boat. I like that the straps spread the load of the boats around their hulls with no chance of a flat spot.


Ceiling Hoists work great…
try Dick’s Sporting Goods. I bought a 2-pulley hoist from Dick’s for $30 and it works great. It comes with everything you need to hang the boat from the ceiling. The system also comes with hooks to hang an adult-sized mountain bike. Holds up to 100lbs.

Ladder hangers
Ladder hangers will work fine. We currently have three kayaks stored that way in our garage, one smaller kayak standing on end in corner and a canoe on a hoist. Just pad the hangers with pipe insulation or pool noodles. Best to make sure the rear bulkhead is located at one of the hangers. Secure the boats with straps looped from eye hooks on the wall. Piece of cake!