Kayak Storage Rack

I bought a new kayak and needed a storage system

for 3 kayaks. This past weekend I came up with a

nice system for about $20. I ripped an 8’ 2*4

into 2 and screwed them vertically to the wall

studs about 5’ feet apart. Bought 10" * 12"

shelve supports(‘L’ shaped) from Lowes for about

$1 a piece, I needed 8 of them. Bought 2 pool

noodles from Meijers for $2.50, kinda star shaped. Installed the supports about 24" apart,

custom fit for each kayak width. Cut the pool

noodles into 12" pieces and slid onto the

shelve supports. Placed the kayaks on there sides in the rack. Used a 24" bungy cord just in

case a kayak tried to roll out.


Ladder holder brackets work well too
I had been using one of those webbing systems that hangs from the rafters. Then the top buckle on one side broke …

One end of the top kayak drops and impacts middle kayak … with predictable results and then cascades to the bottom boat.

I switched to wall-mounted and used some brackets designed to hold ladders. I found some that were already padded at Home Depot and then Tapconned them right to the concrete-block garage wall.

It’s worked well for a while now and it, at least, feels more secure than the webbing did.