Kayak Storage Racks

My wife and I just bought our first kayaks (Capella 163 and 173), and we’re looking into a good, safe storage solution for both boats. We don’t have a garage, but have outdoor shed (we live in the country). They will not fit in the shed, but can be mounted on the outside wall of the shed, with a nice overhang to shade from sun. My current solution is to get these kayak storage racks, which you can see here: http://www.outdoorplay.com/store/product.asp?DID=154&PDID=149&SKU=ARR_SSCRA . I’ve done a fair amount of research on this subject, and other than making my own (no time now), this seems like a good safe solution for the boats. Any ideas? Thanks.

seems awfully pricey.
talic has something for less that would work just as well I think.


I swear by their talic condo for indoors.


Are your boats poly or better?
Poly might bend and cave in on the contact points over long term. I don’t know about other materials, probably not a problem for better quality yaks.

I’d go with Talic
I, too, have the condos, and I’m impressed with their quality. You can get the slingset for less than these hooks.

Talic set
Thanks, Paul. I’ll consider that. I know the other one is more expensive, but it is not that bad. Plus it looks more secure and since the boats will be stored on the outside wall of a shed, we can lock them to the metal racks. Thanks.


Fiberglass boats
They are fiberglass, so should be ok with these racks. Thanks.

Sling set vs. hooks
True, but the hooks look stronger and more secure. Plus, since the boats are stored on the Outside wall of a shed, we will be able to lock them to the metal hooks. Thanks.

Not sure about more secure for outside.
Heavy wind could potentially lift your boats out of the hooks. Wouldn’t happen in the sling. Also, the sling claims 2" wide straps that conform to your boat. Puts less pressure on a specific point of your fiberglass that something maybe 1/2" wide. Securing the yaks to the hooks with cables, or whatever; anyone can cut those with some wire snips as fast as cutting straps, I’m afraid.

Good luck and be safe on the water . . . .

I use these

Which one…
…do you use. I see 4 choices on that web page. The free standing 2-kayak rack looks very good, but quite expensive. Of the other models, the J-rack looks the best. I like the protective straps that come with it, but it looks like Martin Creek sells the strap separately for use with any storage rack. Which one do you use? Excellent suggestions. I may go with the J-Rack. Thanks.


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Some 2x4's, a hammer and nails. Make your own and then cover them with a tarp. Sun is the worst enemy. Then, take the money you saved and take your wife out for a fine meal. Vaughn Fulton. ( i built my own racks for next to nothing.) Tie them down so they won't blow out of the racks.

Thought about it, and may still do that. Thanks.

The J Rack NM

I second Vaughn
I made my own from 2x4’s, covered with some old, rolled-up towels duct-taped into place for padding. Cost me less than $30.00 and maybe 2 hours work (I made them so that I could fold them up and out of the way when not in use - just added some door hinges).