Kayak Storage Sling

I know that there have been many conversations about boat storage, but I wanted to see what you guys thought of this product. It’ seems like it would be a pretty good idea.


Seems to take up a lot of floor space
It might be useful as a work station, but even then I think you’d be tripping on the legs. With 80 bucks worth of wood I think you could build something more efficient. I do like the portability and the compact breakdown size though.

For that kind of money, I’d get some nylon straps and some bike hooks. Put a few holes in my rafters and call it stored.

As for the other $75,I’d put it in the back of my wallet and call it the canoe fund.

Good luck!

Ask me again next week
I have a set on order.

I plan to use them as a freshwater wash down and general work station though, not for storage. I keep the sink indoors so it needs a bath before bedtime, and have limited space (rented), so these semed a good option even with the pricetag.

I also like the idea of their other new item, the “SlingSet”:


Their least expensive item, but I already do this with with my SOT using very cheap (nearly free) and simple web lopps with buckles hanging under garage eaves in the backyard. If you needed a wall mount option and don’t want to DIY they could be good. Wish they had pictures of the actual item though so I could see the plastic piece it all hangs from.

I also have homemade crades similar to their sport saddles that cost me about $20 in materials and work great.

Many things you can do with some wide webbing…

Camp stools that cost me $7.00 each
are what I use for washing the boats down. These are basically 2 rectangular pieces of metal that are hinged together in the middle with a piece of nylon joining them.

I bought mine at Campmor, but I haven’t seen them for a while there. You should find something similar at any discount store.

Junk Lying Around the Garage
Found a couple of old shelf brackets, some leftover 2x4, and some rug destined for the garbage and voila! kayak storage. Okay, not voila. I haven’t had enough time on weekends to finish. The hardest part was cleaning up the mess in the garage. Once I’m finished the shelf, I’m going to cut 4" holes in an old shelf, cut some grooves so a paddle shafts can slide in and out and voila! paddle hangers. That old computer cart my fam’ didn’t want has really nice tubular legs, so I’ll mount them to the wall, and voila! a place to hang all that wearable gear. I’ll become the Martha Stewart of the paddling world! I guess that’s not good anymore is it?

By the way, I spent $15 at Sears for a pair of plastic saw horses that colapse flat, and work just fine for cleaning the boat.


Had mine a week or so now
and they really are all that. OK - maybe these are not for the thrify minded that prefer the 2x4 look to everything - but these are excellent stands. Very light, very compact, and very nicely designed and made. Self opening which really helps set-up and when moving them around. Good on hard or soft, level or uneven ground. The taller ones put the boat at a great height to work on it. These could easily be put in a hatch and take very little room. Might not need them tripping - but would help keep the critters out and make field repairs on the boat a snap. Would not be hard to think of other uses…