kayak storage slings

Hopefully someone can help me out here. I thought I saw awhile back somewhere on the net a kayak storage system that consisted of 2 sets of 3 slings that you could mount on your garage wall and place each end of your kayak in so that it would hang 3 kayaks on their sides on the wall of your garage. I can’t seem to find that anywhere now. Did I only think I saw it, or is there such a contraption on the market? Thanks in advance for your help.

Kayak slings on paddling.net

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There are a couple of items right here on paddling.net...


I have a pair of slings, but I forget if it is one of these. These sorts of gadgets strike me as the simplest and cheapest and, in some ways, actually the most functional solutions to kayak storage, assuming you have a convenient wall.


Nothing fancy
I used to use a pair of 4’ climbing slings hung on eyebolts from the rafters in my garage. I think they

were around $5 each at EMS. One at the stern and one at the bow, and the yak rested nicely on its side.

I bought some nylon strap at home depot and with some old climbing junk I had around built two sets of hangers like you are talking about. You could probably buy similar hardware at home depot that would work for less than $15 bucks for everything. I bought a set of hangers when I started kayaking but they did not hold up, the set I made is heavy duty.

this company makes a variety of sling / storage components.

Prijon used to make some…
…work really well.


i use the same
straps that i tie it down to my truck to hang it on the wall.

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Item No: 49298

Description: Voyageur Triple Boat Hanger

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Found it!
Thanks everyone for your help!

Campmor Hanging Straps

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I bought a pair from Campmor when I first bought my two kayaks, they lasted about 6 months, the sewing that holds the loops together ripped out. I have bought lots of other stuff from Campmor and been satisfied, but not with the the straps for hanging boats.

Ska maniac is RIGHT-O!
Skamaniac suggested this, I tried it and it is awesome. Rather than buying the kayak slings that hold kayaks onto wall of garage, simply buy three hooks, like the J hooks that are used for bicycles. Find the studs with a stud finder and screw the three hooks hozizontally in a line in the wall. Then, using three of the ratcheting type cam straps (Wal-mart, about $4.00 each), put your kayak on the floor, loop all three around the yak (one in middle and two near ends, with yak on side, and slowly crank them up a few cranks each, and now your yak is hung on the wall with even weight distribution between the three straps! Keep cockpit out and you can slide your paddle and PFD right into it. When taking down, I simply unhook one end of each strap (they are rubber coated hooks) from the wall hooks, and let the straps hang down. When I replace the yak, I simply rehook the loose end again to the wall hook after holding the yak against the wall–they are already the right length for that particualr kayak, so no adjustment needed. Neat storage idea, thanks to skamaniac for posting it.

I bought at Wal-mart thisweekend, price is $4.00 x 3 for the cam straps, and about .99 each for the three bike hanger hooks = $15 total per kayak.

you must be rough!

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Had mine for quite a while now and have had no problems. (campmor.com ones) I think they work good--and the kayaks look really cool hangin' on the wall. I wanted to put them on the living room wall but my husband didn't like that idea!

Kayak Hanger
I just took electrical pipe conduit and formed an L shape with a pipe conduit bender and lagged this to the garage wall. The L is slightly less than 90 degrees so as the weight of the kayak weighs it down some. Get some pipe insulation and put that on the pipe. Just walk in and lay it on the angled pipe any way you like, leaning against the wall or out in the open.